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Between you and me, people's English errors, including their spelling mistakes, are more common than you would've thought.

The 7 errors are as follows:
  1. 'I' is the subject of a sentence (owns the verb). If there's no verb nearby, use 'me'
  2. Apostrophe 's' shows ownership. English errors belong to 'people' not 'peoples'
  3. A comma is put here because the phrase 'including their spelling mistakes' is additional to the sentence (and could be omitted without disturbing the meaning)
  4. 'including' is the correct word. (English errors include spelling mistakes)
  5. No apostrophe for plurals
  6. 'more common' is more commonly used!
  7. 'would have' not 'would of'

'The nineties' refers to a decade of years. Therefore, it is a plural and does not have an apostrophe before the 's' when it is written in numerals (90s).

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