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What do I do?

I provide proofreading, editing and business-writing coaching services to Kiwi business managers, PAs and other staff who want to brush up on their formal writing skills in order to maintain a professional image.

How I got started

In 2004, I was teaching academic English when I was contacted by a business manager of a national organisation. He had been aware for some time that there were some grammar and punctuation rules he wasn't quite sure about, but he had no idea where to go for advice. I began working with him about once a week and was then asked to work with other managers in the same organisation.

This led me to think about people in other businesses who would appreciate the same service. In the many years since I set up my business I have had clientele and documents to proof even more varied and interesting than I could have imagined - from media releases for a local club to tourism books on our native flora and fauna and places of interest to reports on infrastructure after the Christchurch earthquakes for a multi-national company.  

Professional experience

Prior to establishing Elite English Coaching for people in business, I taught ESOL and NCEA English, developing successful NZQA-approved reading and writing programmes for students. 

I also taught at UC's English Language Centre, and later Bridging Programmes, international graduates and post-graduates who wanted to further their studies at the university. In addition to being a freelance writer for many years, with articles on a variety of topics published in both Australian and NZ magazines, from 2006 to 2009 I was proofreader for Her Magazine (now Her). During that time I also had published a number of articles on different aspects of business writing - generally inspired by the sort of items I was proofreading or editing (no names mentioned; my service is, of course, completely confidential).

However, more recently, in the public arena, I've produced a 35-page booklet on Bridge Protocol - Stuff you should know! (aka The Protocol Booklet) and the first NZ Club Directors Manual, both of which are now nationally available. See link below.


Link to Canterbury Regional Bridge http://www.canterburyregionalbridge.co.nz