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Proofreading/ Editing

  • by email
  • business letters, emails, reports
  • newsletters, articles
  • advertorials, fliers, advertisements
  • CVs and cover letters
  • general advice
  • Cost: $60/hour

Evaluations - 3 steps

  • initial consult (1 hour)
  • review of written material (takes approx one week)
  • report for CEO and/or client summarising areas to work on and plan of action
  • Cost: $360


  • one-to-one sessions (in Christchurch city) or proofreading and questions answered via email
  • paragraphing, organisation of info, trends/ current practice, grammar and punctuation
  • setting up templates for reports, forms, replies to enquiries/ complaints etc
  • 100% confidentiality
  • Cost: NZ$60/hour

What is the Coaching process?

Firstly, I review samples of writing in order to locate areas that need improvement. Next, I tailor a course of action to suit those needs. It is a matter of helping clients recognise an error, showing them the correct form, and overseeing them until it is imprinted. From experience, I have found that correcting about 5 basic errors will clean up about 90% of mistakes.

For example, some points I have noted when proofreading communications from members of the texting generation are more limited vocab, random punctuation and incorrect choice of words (e.g. sauce instead of source). While their emails can be humorous to read, they are not a good look when emailing customers. Making spell- and grammar-check compulsory should eliminate a few of these errors.

I favour individual coaching rather than group workshops because few people make exactly the same errors, and it is quicker to see results - i.e. it is more efficient timewise and more economical for the company.

My service also includes writing status reports for the client or their CEO as required, providing models or templates for reports or letters, proofreading, and providing info on current practice, organisation of information, punctuation etc. There are trends in language, writing styles and punctuation usage just as there are in fashion.

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Email: carlaheslop@slingshot.co.nz